1051 Ultimate Bliss - 60 minute massage, Optimizer  Facial, Spa Manicure , Spa Pedicure, Champagne and chocolate
4 hrs $335

1051 ultimate Balance - Lavender body wrap, European Facial,Spa pedicure
3hrs $240

1051 Body and Soul - 60 minute massage, European Facial, Manicure and Pedicure
3hrs $280

1051 Refresh your Glow - Aroma Salt Glow with 30 min massage
2hrs $215

1051 Gentlemens Harmony - 60 minute deep tissue  massage, Gentlemens Facial
2hrs $180

1051 Essence of Relaxation - 60 minute massage, Custom Facial, Body Masque, Spa manicure, Spa Pedicure , Lunch included
5hrs $410

Shampoo blow dry - 25+   
Shampoo cut blow dry - 40+
Haircut and color - 90+
Haircut and highlight - 130+
Color only - 65+
Highlight only - 100+
Glaze - 50+
Perms - 95+
Keratin Straightening
Event styling
Event makeup
Hair extensions



Initial application - $250
Re-lash - $55-75



Brow tinting - $15
Lash tinting - $20
Cosmetic application - $55
Bridal cosmetics - $60


Brows - $20
Lip/ chin each - $15
Brows/lip - $30
Bikini - $35.
Brazilian - $50
Full leg - $65
Half leg - $45
Full leg/bikini - $80
Underarm - $20
Full arm - $35
Half arm - $25
Back/chest each - $45
Sides of face - $20


Short & Sweet - $45/$55
This 30 minute massage is for those who need a specific spot treated or just a wee bit of a break

Hour Massage - $60/$70
A 45 minute massage for those who need to be in and out in an hour.  Great for sneaking away at lunchtime or right before you
head home.

1051 Ultimate Massage - 65 min. $100/$120 or 95 min. $130/$150
The true definition of an ultimate massage. It begins by melting away your stress with a hot foot soak and refreshing foot scrub.
Then the aromatherapy will carry you far, far away, and to finish off the relaxing massage, we use hot stones and towels!! It just
doesn't get any better!

1051 Swedish - $75/$105
Choose 60 or 90 minutes of pure relaxation! A full body massage using longer broad strokes to slowly draw out tension and relieve
tired muscles. Add in a massage bonus for a deeper sense of relaxation!

1051 Deep - $95/$125
Choose 60 or 90 minutes of pain relieving therapy.  This deep tissue massage can be used as a full body massage or as treatment
for a specific issue. The time is yours! You can also use any of our four massage bonuses with this service.

1051 Sports - $85/$115
Also 60 or 90 minutes! Not sure about the pressure of a deep tissue massage but would like more than a relaxing Swedish?
This "sports" massage is a happy medium! Using a firmer pressure and incorporating stretches, this massage is perfect for anyone
who needs just a bit more attention!

Pregnancy Massage - $85
This massage is a wonderful hour of attention for the mother to be!  The massage is done while she lays comfortably on her side
supported by pillows and is a great help for moms with nausea, swelling, or low back issues.  

Foot Reflexology - $60
50 minute foot therapy using a specific method based on reflex points in your feet that correlate with places in the body.
*Includes our foot bliss bonus.

~ 1051 Massage (or Facial) Bonuses - $10 each
------Foot Bliss- a hot foot soak and refreshing foot scrub
------Aromatherapy- A SCENTsational beginning & a SCENTsational ending
------Heated Up- Hot stones & towels are used for a nice finishing touch
------Deep Blue- A cooling lotion application for the extra sore spots!

Manicure - $45
Nail shaping, cuticle care, hand massage, and polish.

Spa manicure - $35
All of the above with extended hand and lower arm massage with oil treatment.

Shellac - $35
Nail shaping, cuticle care, and gel polish.

Pedicure - $50
Foot soak ,nail shaping,cuticle care, exfoliant, foot massage, and polish.

Spa Pedicure - $60
All of the above with extended lower leg and foot massage with custom lotions.


1051 Signature Facial - $85
Cleanse, balance, and revitalize your complexion.  This 1 hr European facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions,
massage, and customized mask.

Gentlemen's Facial - $85          |          Express Facial - $65          |          Microdermabrasion Facial - $120

Microcurrant Facial - $120          |          Revitalizing Back Facial - $65          |          PCA Chemical Peel - $80

Escale Beaute (beauty break) - express facial - $55          |          La Grande Classique - cleansing and balancing - $85

Hydralessence - hydrating - $105          |          Optimizer - firming and lifting - $125          |          Alpha-Vital – resurfacing - $125


Aroma Salt Scrub - $50     
A 35 minute service that includes a shower! This service can be used solo or coupled with a massage (which is the best way!).  
You get a choice of 5 scented salt scrub blends with the massage oil to match. Lavender Aphrodisia, Vanilla Lemongrass,
Green Tea Mint, Geranium Sage, or Tangerine Basil! The scrub is done while lying down. You are draped just like you are
wearing a bikini. Shy or not, this service will have your skin feeling like a baby's bottom!!

Lavender Body Wrap - $95/$125
Heat up and relax with this lavender infused body wrap.  We start by pressing a warm lavender mixture into the skin and then
we wrap you in a cocoon of hot towels and blankets. You can fade away with your choice of a scalp or foot massage while
steaming and we finish with a massage using a lavender infused light body oil.  *Upgrade to 90 minutes and use that time to
extend your body massage!

Body Masques - $95/$125
Your choice of 3: The healing, the detox, or the seaweed blend! The mud is brushed onto the body, then we cocoon you in
hot towels and blankets. After 20 minutes, you are unwrapped and left to rinse off the masque in the shower. After your
shower, you will return to a freshly made table, only to finish with a 30 minute hydrating body massage!  *Upgrade to 90
minutes and use that time to extend your body massage!

              Healing Mud-
         A Natural Dead Sea Mud and Clay masque that helps soothe, heal, and cleanse! Lavender, Chamomile, Damania,
         Marigold, Lime, Cornflower, and St. John's Wort provide anti-inflammatory and healing properties to skin.

              Detox Mud-
         Sedona and French Red Clay Mud are the most effective for their anti-oxidizing and anti-aging properties.
         This blend purges toxins, leaving the skin soft and re-mineralized with a noticeable glow! Vitamin E, grape seed,
         bladderwrack, Irish moss, and sage essential oils are infused into Sedona and French red clays, rich in magnesium,
         vitamins A, B, B12, E, iron, and amino acids. This masque will assist the body in purging the body of toxins as it dries.

              Seaweed Mud-
         French green clay and selected marine clays (Spirulina, Laminaria, and Ulva Lactuca) are infused with amino acids,
         vitamin E, green tea extract, grapefruit extract, and kelp to provide a stimulating and detoxifying body treatment.
         **contains grapefruit extract**

Aromatouch Technique - $65
About 40 minutes long, this extremely relaxing back treatment using 8 essential oils was created to combat four systemic
constants: stress, toxic insult, inflammation, and autonomic imbalance. A specific order of essential oils are dropped along
your spine (2 on the feet) and specific massage techniques are used to bring your body into balance.

CranioSacral Therapy - $120
CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and
dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. It was pioneered and developed by Osteopathic Physician
John E. Upledger after years of clinical testing and research at Michigan State University where he served as professor of
biomechanics.  Using a soft touch practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous
system. It's effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction. Migraines, TMJ, and traumas
just to name a few.